Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vodka as it was and could be

My latest curiosity: I intend to manufacture a bottle or two of each of these over the next few months. As for my Starka, I have already begun to age several liters of Vodka in charred Hungarian Oak.

I also intend to begin aging my bitters, which is marked by several signature Russian flavors: Kvas, Mopc, & Tarragon. Stay tuned.

Kubanskaya: Vodka flavored with an infusion of dried lemon and orange peels.

Limonnaya: Lemon-flavored Vodka, usually with a touch of sugar added.

Okhotnichya : "Hunter’s Vodka” is flavored with a mix of ginger, cloves, lemon peel, coffee, anise and other herbs and spices. It is then blended with sugar and a touch of a wine similar to white port.

Pertsovka: Pepper-flavored Vodka, made with both black peppercorns and red chili peppers.

Starka: "Old Vodka," a holdover from the early centuries of Vodka production, which can be infused with everything from fruit tree leaves to brandy, Port, Malaga wine, and dried fruit. Some brands are aged in oak casks.

Zubrovka: Zubrowka in Polish; Vodka flavored with buffalo (or more properly "bison") grass, an aromatic grass favored by the herds of the rare European bison.

Vodka as Peter the Great Enjoyed it: Distilled 4 times, the 4th of which was done so along with Anise Water brought in from Arabia.